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    The future is with E-Pack's interactive PDF smart forms.  PDF is the format of-the-future for loan processing. Accepted by FHA, FNMA, VA, FHLMC, HUD and other financial agencies and companies. 1003 LOAN APPLICATION MORTGAGE SOFTWARE
    E-Pack's smart interactive forms offer: digital signatures, error-free distribution, multiform data-entry, hot-spot actions and links, tab-advance fields, most math is calculated -- with form fields like: drop-menu, check-box, radio button, text-entry and more. Fill out Loan application on your pc, the common info like address and name will automatically transfer to other needed forms.  Most math is auto calculating.  *some functions require full-version Acrobat 5 or higher. Fannie Mae Freddie Mac

    Included Forms:

    1003 URLA loan application 2009 1003 URLA addendum's
    borrower's first payment information brokers price opinion
    conditional loan approval credit report authorization
    equal credit opportunity disclosure fair lending notice
    good faith estimate multifamily loan application
    notice of flood hazard notice of right to cancel
    transfer of service disclosure personal financial statement
    truth in lending disclosure prepaid charges disclosure
    settlement costs disclosure 2-loan options open house flyers
    California Form 883 GFE IRS Tax form 4506
    privacy information act disclosure 1008 Transmittal Summary

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**some features only available with full-version Acrobat 5 or higher.

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